Caring for your copper product

treat it well and it will last for generations!


Easy to care for!

When you are about to start using your copper you will notice that you have to place food inside your fry pan or pot the moment you start the burner because your pot or pan will be hot and sizzling in an instance.

This is why you have chosen copper as your “weapon of choice” in your kitchen because you are a passionate cook that loves to see good results!

Now, that you own your copper, you want to make sure to proper care for it!

Your shiny copper could hang on a rack from the ceiling or wall in your kitchen for everybody to admire or be stored it in a cabinet, whichever you prefer.


Some simple things!

  • If you love shiny copper, you will have to polish your copper once in a while or more often by using a copper cleaner. You can also easily make a paste from lemon juice and fine salt to polish the copper- this is a more economical way. Make sure never to polish the tin lining, as it might get damaged.

  • The tin lining will get darker over time with use; this is due to food that stains the tin. The discoloration is normal; some can be removed with just using dish soap on a damp non-scratch sponge but some discoloration will always remain and be darker over time. Be careful not to overdo it as the tin lining may be scratched and thinned out if you use an abrasive sponge.

  • Always wash your copper by hand- it is not dishwasher safe. If you happen to have some baked-on food simply place some soapy water inside while you enjoy your meal and when cleaning by hand use a non-abrasive sponge. The pot/pan will be easy to clean with almost no hassle.

  • Once washed you want to dry the cookware right away with a clean tea towel- this eliminates spots, tarnish on the outside of your copper, and keeps the piece longer shiny. If you rather prefer your copper piece to look like the one piece you use the most in your kitchen, don’t dry the copper as it will get this patina that copper enthusiasts love.

  • The tin lining will eventually wear of over the years; this can be sooner, later or never, all depending on how often you use your copper. You will notice that at some point copper will shine through the tin lining or you see a small area that shines through (less than a dime). This is usually not so much of a concern if you are not cooking with acid food such as tomatoes, wine or vinegar. If you do, you want to have it relined right away. There is also a chance that you ruing the lining by cooking the pot dry. Let’s say you bake a small piece of salmon in a really big pan with little to no oil- you will end up burning the tin surface where no food and no oil is. Try to avoid using too large fry pans or pots and always fill the bottom with food. If you had burned it the tin lining will be dark, or if the tin lining takes on a totally different color like red you definitely want to replace the lining.

  • Your copper will change color on the stove or in your oven- this has to do with the temperature and the reaction copper has to it. Sometimes copper will be a darker copper color, sometimes it will have a more golden look. In any case if this is unwanted you can remove this with copper polish or vinegar/salt solution.

Products displayed in the image!

Just in case you wonder - the products displayed in the photo are our large 7.3qt. rounded stockpot, our low copper casseroloe with lid, our 7.1" rounded saute & frypan, and our large copper soup terrine custom crafted for one of our customers in Italy.