Whole Wheat Mushroom Pizza

Spice it up with some pepperoni olive oil on top!


Quick & Delicious!

Make the dough yourself - it's even easier then driving to the store to buy one!

Don't be afraid to make your own pizza dough. It's so easy, only takes a few minutes and makes all the difference. I usually make the dough a day in advance and let it rest in the fridge. This way the dough firms up and develops more flavor compared to when you make it and bake it right away.

I mixed white flour & fresh ground spelt flour and combined it with olive oil, water, & salt to a dough ball. Place this in a bowl or plastic container that has a lid or place some clear foil on top, the dough must the sealed in the fridge.

The recipe will work well with just white flour, the overnight stay in the fridge lets the dough rest & relax and the next day you will see a perfectly light, lofty dough that looks like a luffa sponge.


Let's make pizza!

The next evening I prepared my copper pizza pan (I spread some semolina flour on the pan to avoid sticking) and spread my dough generously in my teglia farinata.

Since I ran out of tomato sauce (and I think this is so predictable and not exciting at all) I checked my food inventory and found washed kale in the refrigerator and sun dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil.

I decided to make a quick pesto of the above ingredients, adding a few leaves of fresh swiss chard and spicy basil that is growing in my yard.

I spread the homemade pesto on the dough, topped it with sliced fresh button mushrooms and fresh mozzarella, and poured some olive oil over the pizza, especially the dough rim.

Once done baking (around 15-20 min. at 210°C/440°F) take the pizza onto a cookie rack to crisp up and pour some spicy pepperoni olive oil on top.


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