Venison Tenderloin the simply way

What to do when you are getting some venison tenderloin unexpectedly


Thank you Charlie!

Last week, while I was racking my brain over an overlock sewing machine my dear friend and neighbor Charlie came to me with a bag of frozen goodies. He had tenderloin, ground meat and chuck meat- all venison. Since this is not the usual type of food I prepare - I thought to give it a try.

I quickly defrosted the tenderloin and started cooking away!


How should I cook it?

Charlie said tenderloin is done pretty fast, a few moments on each side and ready! Easily said- which fry pan? I opted for a tin-lined copper fry pan.


How long?

I started with olive oil in the fry pan - so much that it would almost cover the bottom. You don't want any spots that are uncovered by food so you need a little more oil for this. I cranked up the heat and within 30 seconds (I cook on gas so it's right there...) I placed the 2 tenderloins inside the hot oil!

I left if on high medium/high heat for around 5-6 minutes after which it has formed a nice crust as you can see on the picture! Using a pair of tongs I flipped the tenderloins to the next raw spot and left it there for another couple of minutes!

After around 10 minutes or so I turned off the gas flame, placed some aluminum foil to cover the pan and let it rest for another 10 minutes. And voila- the venison tenderloin looks appetizing and done.

On the side I served some zucchini and little peppers fried in oil- also in tinned copper of course.


Thank you Charlie and bon appétit!!

... still working on my overlock sewing machine though......