Visit to Navarini Workshop in Trento, Italy!

Decision is made to move forward with Navarini USA


Trento, Italy

After extensive research and many discussions, we finally meet in the beautiful city of Trento in the northern part of Italy. Our goal is to find the best way of making Navarini's beautiful hand-made copper cookware available to consumers and upscale restaurants in the United States.

The beautiful city of Trento is located in the Adige River valley in the northern part of Italy. It is the capital of Trentino and part of the Alto Adige (Southern Tirol) region of Italy. Conquered by the Romans in the late 1st century BC, modern-day Trento is a cosmopolitan city that, thanks to generation old companies such as Navarini copper, inherits the the charm and traditions of old-world Italy.

Navarini USA will provide the US consumer with direct access to the highest level of hand-crafted Italian copper cookware and kitchenware without the need of going through a "middle-man" or distributors. Consumers in the United States will receive the exact same product as they would walking directly into Pierino Navarini’s workshop in Ravina, Italy.

All products will be made available in a warehouse located in Charlotte, North Carolina and will ship using FedEx or UPS. Thus, ordering authentic hand-made copper cookware from Italy will be quick and efficient.

The initial selection of Navarini USA will mainly feature the higher quality 2mm and 2.5mm copper products and already enable US consumers to shop for almost all of the main cooking products in the kitchen.

The initial selection will make copper products available such as:

  • copper saucepans
  • copper stewpots
  • copper stockpots
  • copper saute pans
  • copper frypans
  • copper bean pots
  • copper woks
  • copper fondue
  • The new Navarini Online Shop is planned to be available within the first quarter of 2016.