How to make sure you are looking at an authentic & genuine Navarini product

Getting the "real Deal"


How to identify the original?

Well - important question and we are glad you asked!

Navarini products are among the most sought-after copper pieces in the world. Some of the best Chef’s in the world as well as most copper customers are aware of this and want to make sure that they receive nothing but a genuine and authentic hand-made Navarini Copper product.

Unfortunately some manufacturers, producing a lower quality of copper products, as well as resellers might be eager to take advantage of the renowned quality and design of Navarini items. Those might offer similar designed copper products and market them in a way it could lead consumers to believe that those would be original and authentic Navarini items.

We certainly under no circumstances do accuse any manufacturer or reseller to do so intentionally but in today’s confusing world of retail and marketing, we wanted to make it easy for everyone to be absolutely certain that what they purchase is “the real deal”.


Proof of an geniuine & original Navarini!

Besides the unmistakably visible craftsmanship and quality of an original Navarini, one differentiator is that not one product is alike. Every single process of creating a Navarini product is done by the hand of a skilled craftsmen which guarantees that every single product will encounter minor differences. If you ever owned one of the many copper products that have been produced in an automated process - you will absolutely feel the difference once you hold your first Navarini product in your hand.

But to make it even more visible and easier to identify, every original Navarini product has the “Navarini Handmade in Italy” stamp on the bottom as well as “Navarini Handmade in Italy” tag attached to the product.

If you are uncertain about whether a product you already own is an original Navarini or if you like to confirm prior to your purchase - you can contact us at any time and we try to find out for you.