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What dishes can you prepare in a Wok-Pan?

Since the wok is both a pot and a pan, you can cook an almost endless variety of dishes in it:


- Asian dishes
-Stir-fry, noodle or rise dishes
- Meat dishes such as sliced or diced meats
- Deep-fry meats, vegetables, fruit and pasta
- Soups
- and many more

How to Quick STIR-FRY in a Wok-Pan?

When stir-frying, small pieces of different foods are quickly fried in a little oil. All the ingredients are constantly stirred using a wok spoon.


Cut the ingredients into thin sticks, slices or cubes. Add some oil to the wok, and then cook the ingredients in it, turning them constantly with the turner. If the copper wok has a concave inner surface = it will be very easy to turn the ingredients and you will need very little oil. You can add the ingredients to the wok little by little.


First those that need a longer cooking time and then those that cook more quickly. You can also remove individual ingredients from the wok when they are finished and then mix them all together at the end.

Add pastes or dried and soaked mushrooms right to the hot oil for the fullest aroma.

How to DEEP-FRY in a Wok-Pan?

Thanks to the half-sphere shape and large surface area, our Navarini WOK is perfect for deep-frying, even when handling large quantities of food. This cooking method gives food a delicious crispy coating with a juicy inside.For deep-frying, fill the wok at most one-third full with oil and heat it. Only use high-heat cooking oil or vegetable fats.


Place the foods to be deep-fried in the hot fat - not not too much at one time. Turn the pieces during the deep-frying process. When they are finished, remove them with a strainer skimmer. If you have a wok with a deep-frying rack, place them on it. If not, use paper towels.


Never us a lid when deep-frying, and never heat the fat to a temperature of over 200 degrees Celsius..

How to STEAM in a Wok-Pan?

Steaming in a Navarini Copper WOK allows the ingredients to retain maximum authentic flavor. This gentle cooking method retains the nutritional value of food.


It is a popular method because of this, and also because it is simple and produces appetizing-looking food. There is a wide range of steamed dishes from ginger chicken through to vegetable dumplings.


Steaming is a great way of producing new culinary delights.