Olive Wood Risotto Spoon

11.8" x 2.7"
Italian Olive Wood



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Olive Wood Risotto Spoon

Our Olive Wood Spoons are handmade from original Italian olive wood. 
Olive wood is the ideal material for cooking accessories. It provides the strength and flexibility to handle all type of foods while being gentle enough to be used for tin-lined copper cookware and other nonstick coatings.
In our opinion, the perfect risotto spoon has to be:
- Gentle with less resistance so the grains of rice do not get ground into mush
The large hole in the middle, as well as the rounded corners, reduce resistance and are gentle to the food so the constant stirring does not effect the grains. 
- Insulating since the spoon is in the risotto during almost the entire cooking process
The olive wood is also a perfect insulator so the spoon does not get hot since it is in the pot the entire time while the risotto is being stirred
Perfectly shaped so the spoon reaches into the rounded transition of the pot body and sides
The unique shape of the head of our olive wood spoon allows to perfectly reach into the rounded transition between the base and the sides of the pot.
The wood is sourced from the beautiful Umbria region in Italy and custom made to perfectly accommodate our products.
100% handmade in Italy


- Size: 11.8" x 2.7" (30cm x 7cm)
- Ideal for Risotto and Soups
- Hole and rounded corners to reduce resistance and protect food while stirring
- Special spoon head shape to scrape sides
- Durable and flexible
- Gentle to all surfaces
- Does not scrape/damage pan or pot
- Ideal for use with copper cookware
- Original Italian Olive Wood
- Sourced from the Umbria Region
- Entirely handmade